Tuesday, May 15, 2012


So, want some sure-fire ways to get inspiration? Think it's too darn hard to get your muse to do as you please? WELL THEN I'VE SOLUTION FOR YOU!

Introducing insta-epiphany! One wiff and you'll be writing epics to be loved and studied for years to come! For one hundred easy payments of $19.99!

If only it were that easy. 

Now, I've done a previous post on how people write but now I feel like getting into the nitty gritty of inspiration. Getting inspiration for your writing, it's a broad topic and everyone has a different view on it. But here are some things that I find help when I'm stuck.

1) Car ride.
Something about moving scenery helps to get my brain juices flowing. Maybe it'll help you too. Plus, I don't know about you, but I see some pretty weird things when I'm driving down the road. For real, it's scary. Makes me double check my locks at night.

2) A nice cup of tea. 
It clears your mind, helps you focus, and makes you feel fancy. (I kid you not, sometimes I find myself drinking with my pinky up.) Not only that but it grounds you in place, makes you think in the here and now. Whenever your mind starts to stray you unconsciously take a sip and are all like OMG I'M WORKING SHUT UP MONKEY.

3) TV
But Becca, TV is for idiots. But Monkey, TV is comprised of over fifty bagillion stories that take fundamentally less time then books. And you know what, they came from writers too.

4) Video Games (namely RPG's)
I'm talking Zelda, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, etc. They are an interactive combination of media and writing, and as such qualify as decent sources of inspiration. Just....don't go overboard.

What do you do when needing your muse to obey you?