Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Did Ya Miss Me Monkeys?

 ^That is me and my friend with two small asian children. Gotta love kids.^


~Ahem~ Happy Holidays...
Is what terrorists say. Merry Christmas!

(See what I did there? That was a 30 Rock quote people, try to keep up.)

Can you tell that I'm hyper? Yes, it's because on top of taking a rather lovely and unexpected vacation from writing I got everything I wanted for Christmas. (A video game and a book, my life is so glamorous monkeys.) And someone told me the weirdest thing in the world. My friend was trying to convince me (omg guys, your not even going to believe this) that Santa doesn't exist. I know, total bull, am I right?

But now I'm back on the publishing/writing/video editing/video gaming/group organizing/ninja-ing/monkey bashing/twilight bashing/secret agenting train, and this train is GOING PLACES! I'll be back to doing inspirational blogs next week, so don't worry.

On My Night Stand- Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Managing Your Time

Status Update:

So, sadly, I did not finish NaNoWriMo this year. Too many people wanted me to do too much, so it got away from me. So, that actually leads me into today's topic.

Managing your time.

To much to do, not enough time? Want to just say "Screw it!" and lock yourself in your room with the NEW ZELDA GAME YO and fifty bags of popcorn? (By the by, Me and my Zelda buddy got the collector's edition with the Golden Wii Mote and all, so yeah, be jealous.) I get you, I really do. I'm a Junior in High School (hurray for stupid ACTs), I volunteer at my church every Sunday for nursery, Worship Band, Youth Group Worship Band, and video editing, and I spend a lot (too much time really) with my family.

How can anyone find the time to write a book?

Here's some tips to help.

1) Keep a realistic schedule. 
Honest, people, it's that simple. Make a schedule. And no, not to keep things organized, but to give your friends a good excuse to LEAVE YOU THE HECK ALONE!!! (Like my sister, who is singing Justin Bieber in face right now)
Mom: Hey Becca, can you empty the dishwasher?
Me: Ohhhhhh, sorry. I have to write all day. Let me check, with my secretary, see if I can pencil you in.
Mom: But-
Me: Mom, tick tock. Time is money.

2) Prioritize!!
Here it goes people. First and foremost, as much as I hate to say it and you hate to hear it, school first kiddies. And if you are really dedicated to writing, you need to put that in front of social time. Sorry, sad truths.

3) If it comes down too it, you might have to give something up.
 Again, this only applies to those of you who are really serious about writing. If there is too much in your life for you to fit writing in, somethings got to give. Now I'm no hypocrite, I have been seriously considering dropping stuff at church to make more time.

That's all I got. Hope it helps!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Becca On: Being Brave With Your Writing

Status Update:
My Bookmark's Current Home Nightshade by Andrea Creamer

I'm writing this blog over the duration of Bahamian curise aborad the Norweign Sky. It's been a great curise so far, given me a chance to disconnect from the world and just enjoy myself (and for once my family. I swear, it's like I love them or something. 0_0) It also has no internet. Well, wait, that's not entirly correct. It has internet, but they charge 40 cents a minute to use it. So yeah, basically no internet. So, yeah, I probably won't be able to post this up until after thanksgiving. So I might as well say it now. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! (Free room service though.My sister and I ordered so much that we had to put some of the plates in front of my parents room so that they wouldn't think we were THAT fat.)

I've got to say that the best part of the trip was the shopping I did with my Mom and sis at Freeport and Nassau. Now I'm not one to enjoy shopping, but man do those bahamians bargian. Everywhere I looked it was "Let me come show you this" and "come here pretty girl" that. (Funny story, I was browsing around while my little bro was still hanging around us, and this one street vender kept on telling us to some over to come over to her booth. Mom sis and I kept on walking while my little bro started to walk into the very girly booth that unndoubtedly held nothing of interest for him. We pulled him aside and asked why he did it, and he replied with "I was scared.") And I got a dress all the way down to half off without even making a deal! (Needless to say that my Dad was very proud.) And everywhere we went the street venders kept on calling my sis "sexy lady" and asking for her name. For me, it was quite a fun experience. And, of course, the food was fantasic. I was sad to say goodbye to it all.

Now here we go. Since I live in Chicago and the cuirse set sail in Miami, I had to take a 24 hour car ride there and back. Which gave me plenty of time to write this blog.

Ahem. Onto the topic.

While I'm writing the first scene in a new idea I had when I realized that you have to be absolutely fearless when it comes to writing. Staying in your comfort zone is completely overated. See, how I came to this thought is I was writing about a girl who is basically skinny dipping in the ocean, something totally awkward for me to think about, much less write down on a page. And it's not only that. See, I come from a very christian family, and in my book No Matter What You Do, Stick With The Pack, the main character swears quite alot. Plus, writing in Young Adult Paranormal ficton, you don't get a lot of chances to glorify your faith. Heck, my Grandma (god bless her) got freaked out when I mentioned Demons in Scrapper.

Point in case, you have to be strong.

You have to be even more then brave, you have to be fearless. Your writing might take you to some pretty dark disgusting and even disturbing places, but you have to go through with it. Every word will make you strong, ever scene will take you farther, and every uncomfortable bit of inspiration will plung you deeper into your world of thoughts and dreams, because it's those moments that your trapped in the blunt truth of your story that will transform you into a truer teller of tales.

Yes, people will look at you differently.

After all, the craft of writing is a reflection of your soul. Everything you write comes from you, so when you go to dark places, people will noticed the dangerous words that dance on your page. It will be what they want, but they can't help but think of where this came from. And that is when they turn to you, and scoot away inconspicuously. Because now they've had a glimpse into your head, and they are freaked out by what your imagination can cook up. As well they should be. Imagination can be lethal.

But I urge you, tread with caution.

Another writer friend of mine, also very Christian, asked me about my point of view on swearing and using questionably appropriate scenes in her book. And as much as it might make me a hypocrite, I had to tell her, "If you have to ask, then there is your answer." Because if you can't get there by yourself, if you have to ask someone elses approval, then that means that it's not really coming from you. It's not an experience of YOURS. And you won't be able to do it justice. Now I'm not saying that if you haven't been shot you can't write about someone getting shot, to some extent you need to make it up (if you don't then basically it's non-fiction). I'm just saying if you someone to varify your actions, then don't even bother. Because that means your not ready to go there yet. And that's nothing to be ashamed of, it just means you've hit your limits, and you know yourself better as a writer.

So WOW this was a long post. I hope I didn't bore you to death. Again, Happy Thanksgiving! (Okay Radio, you can now justifiably play Christmas music...)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Status Update

Hi guys! Yes, I am procrastinating again. Really, I just wanted to brag about how great my life is right now. Unfortunately, I couldn't fit all of it on my facebook status without needing to create a note. And come on, who reads those? (Plus, people get pretty freaked out when I don't post 30 Rock quotes)

I'm happy to inform you that even with all my procrastinating, I have been able to keep up with my word count. I'm at 10445 right now (that twenty nine pages in six days people.) It's going great, I'm falling in line with a new plot.

Although I am going through relationship problems with my novel soul mate, Scrapper.

I know I've mentioned Scrapper before in my blog, but never really went into great detail with it. For those of you who don't know, the book I was dating was Scrapper: The Connection Reborn. While I had books before that, I don't know, it always felt different with Scrapper. We got really serious, had a sequel together and were thinking about starting a series together. But there was some drama around the time we start dating with this other book, Firefly. Well, this November Firefly rolls into town and we decided to go out for coffee, you know, reconnect. He shows me his really impressive plot line and outline, he was obviously doing well for himself. I couldn't help but fall for him a little. He says that maybe we should try NaNoWriMo together this year. Scrapper had been getting so dramatic lately, and needy. I was so tired. So we sat down, talked, and decided to take a break. Scrapper doesn't know that I'm doing NaNo with Firefly yet, but I'm terrified for when it happens.

Moving on. 

I spent all weekend at Liberty University in Virgina (13 hours in a car with 9 gassy teenagers, yay.)  I fell in love with the campus, but not with the English program. (It disturbed me that it wasn't even on brochure.) So, I tread on.

K, done. Have a nice day.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Review of Daniel X

Okay, I know I said I would stay away from the internet during November for NaNoWriMo, but I feel I have to give this book a review before I go on into isolation for the next month, just because it struck me so much. (Maybe I'm know what, shut up monkey.)

I just this morning finished a little diddy by the name of The Dangerous Days of Daniel X by James Patterson and Micheal Ledwidge (at the suggestion of my friend Emma), and I have to say, it was very poorly written. (I feel so mean writing this review already,but onward I go.) The story revolves around a fifteen year old named Daniel (he has no last name so he uses X). He's an alien hunter from another planet and he uses a list given to him by his dead parents to identify his next target along with his formidable powers to smoke them, ultimately working towards the goal of killing the alien that murdered his parents. The book centers on his hunt for number 6 on his list, who is running a drug cartel and a intergalactic slave trade on the side.

No obviously, for those of you who have read Maximum Ride, you expect a lot when you see James Patterson's name on something. If you want to keep the same super writer image of him, please, don't read this book. It will only bring you heart break.

There are a lot I could of things I could comment on this book, but I'll try to just stick to the basic things. I'll even be nice and start out with a good point of the book. 

Patterson's plot is sound, make no mistake of that. In theory, you would think that Daniel would be a character with a good amount of character depth, despite the use of the worn out Killed-My-Parents-So-I-Have-To-Avenge-Them bit, with a little I'll-Never-Fit-In-Anywhere on the side.

But Patterson does a very poor job of tapping into that character. I barely knew how he felt about losing his parents, being disconnected from his home planet and feeling like he was lacking in his identity, which in the sparse it shows he clearly does think about those things. Not only that, but Patterson gave him too much power, not enough struggle. Daniel has the power to create things like apartments and animals and even people, and often recreates his parents and his friends, so it's like he didn't lose his family in the first place, which eliminates the incentive to leave home to begin with. And yes, he could have used this as an opportunity to create a conflict of all his loved ones being fake, and he does a little bit towards the end, but not nearly enough to touch my heart. Bottom line, no conflict, no interest.

And let's not forget the over all writing style of the book. At most, a chapter would be five pages, 1.5 spaced and 14 point font. There would be little to no action, description, emotional analysis. Not only that but the dialogue was unrealistic, the characters even more so and he kept on using the same words and phrases over and over again.

After I finished reading this, I felt I had jinxed myself in the face of the up and coming month. Why oh why did I pick up this book and read it when I had such an ginormous and difficult task ahead of me, I don't know. But at least I got my hands on White Cat by Holly Black to quickly remedy the situation.

All the Best, So long for a month!

Becca :3

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Time For Another Rant

Have you guys ever been in a situation where your book is compared to Twilight?

So my "blonde sister", Heather, asked me a couple of weeks ago if she could read my print draft of Scrapper. Never mind that A)The draft I have printed, though it's the second, is terrible. (Honestly, I look at it and think Hmm, I thought that I finished this draft when I was fifteen. But that can't be right, this looks like I wrote it in fifth grade.) B)I need that thing to do some quality writing, and I only get it once every 50,000 years on the night of a full moon when it hasn't been raining for six weeks and pigs fly, and C) HEATHER NEVER READS ANYTHING!

Here's what I think happened.

Heather's not much when a book is in her hand, mainly because she doesn't have the attention span to read more then a page. (Unless you count texting...) I don't fault her for it, it's the way of society these days. (Us writers are truly a forever dying breed.) But my family is mainly split into two parts, me and everyone else. Not in a depressing way or anything, it just that they're are really good at math and they go out a lot and well...I write. Basically, while they live on earth I live on Mars. (I sometimes like to think I'm the one on earth and their all on Mars, but come on. I'm not that oblivious.) As you can imagine, there are a lot of miscommunications amongst us, maybe throw in some belittling. (This is why I have issues with Monkeys.) And Heather, being my "blonde sister" had translated that into me not being much of anything. (Other then maybe a little off my meds.) So when she heard that I finished a book, she must have thought Awww, Becca's finished a cute little "book". What is it, five pages? I can manage that. Her intentions were good at least.

Yes, there is a reason for my rambling.

About a couple of weeks later, she I and another kid named Kevin are chilling in the kitchen, and I ask for the print copy back. I always get anxious when I lend it out for people, for a number of reasons. (They're going to destroy it's perfect pages, they won't like it, they will like it, what if J.K. Rowling calls and says I must mail it to her post haste in order for her to spew her awesomeness on it?) So she's says she'll give it back to me on the next day (she admitted that she didn't read it, by the way) and Kevin asks "What are you two talking about?"

Heather: Oh, Becca wrote a book.
Kevin: Oh, that's really cool!
Becca: (Blushes) Oh, you.
Kevin: So what's it about?

Heather: It's Twilight.




Heather: Well, what about the main character Scrapper?


So has that sort of thing ever happened to you, Paranormal Young Adult writers? I mean, yes, there have been a lot of Twilight rip offs over the years (not to mention the hilarious fan fics, the only good thing to come out of this whole horrific experience.) And yes, maybe you have written some juicy forbidden romance between VAMPIRE/WEREWOLF A and LOVE INTEREST B. I mean, come on? Who hasn't? But don't let the Monkeys of the world degrade your work to that of a copy cat. It's not just that it's Twilight (although that may have something to do with it.) I would have gotten just as upset if it was compared to Harry Potter (first very flattered, then offended.) Listen to me, right now, very carefully.

You are not a copy cat. Do not let anyone tell you different.

Have they ever spent hours in their room, blasting their music so loud there ears bleed just trying to drown out the noise of the world so that they could focus? Have they spent a small fortune on Mint Tea so that they could have a good excuse to sit in Starbucks and write in peace? Have they gone through the mind mushing soul crushing research just to know about the writing industry, or spent nights awake thinking of new plot twists, decent writing queries, or stressing over whether or not the book will ever make it to print or is it doomed to spend the rest of eternity on the virtual shelf of a amateur writing community with only three views? No. I doubt most of them could tell the difference between Twilight and Dracula. So don't let them get you down. You're day will come.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I'm in NaNoWriMo!

I know that usually it takes me a good half year-year to complete a manuscript, but I'm going to do it!

I'm going to write a manuscript in a month! 

I'm going to enter NaNoWriMo this year and try to finish a whole manuscript in a month. I'll be using a story idea that I came up with around the time I came up with Scrapper, but alas, it fell to ruin. I'll re-work it and hopefully I'll succeed. I'm SO PUMPED MONKEYS!!!! It's the real deal. I've already started outlining. Wanna know about what I'm writing? I bet you do!

Hailey and Lane are in for the adventure of a lifetime. One day, as too best friends Hailey Foley and Brandon "Lane" Keldric watch the stars together, suddenly a meteor comes crashing down from the sky and hits the field near them. Always the first to chase after adventure, Hailey rushes to the crash site despite Lane's protests and finds a small stone with an alien living inside. The alien, upon her last breath, bestows her powers upon Hailey so that she can protect the planet from an alien invasion. And just like that, Hailey's a super hero. Meanwhile, something's been up with Lane. He's not at all the way he use to be, and Hailey's starting to doubt whether or not he's friend or foe.

Like it? I knew you would! I will be scarcely blog in the next month, wish me luck!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm a horrible person (or so my monkey says...)

Guys, I'm terrible. I'm already slacking on my blogging and I haven't even been up for a month.

So here it goes, I'm just going to ramble on about my life for a bit then give you the actual blog of the week.


The last book I read was The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. If you don't know what it's about, it's about a young foster child living in the slums of Nazi Germany. Told from the perspective of death, the tale of Liesel Mimenger's life on the poor street Himmel (German translation-Heaven), Molching (fictional town). Liesel is taken from her Mother and placed in the home of Hans and Rosa Hubermann (on the way experiencing the tragic death of her six year old brother, Werner). During the time she spent there she meets a variety of interesting characters, such as Rudy Steiner (her best friend/next door neighbor) and Max Vandenburg (a Jew that the Hubermanns were hiding in there basement), all the while growing into a wise competent and life changing person herself.
(For those of you who have read the book, if this description doesn't do it justice, please don't hate me.)
While I know that there are a lot of mixed opinions on this, I think it was a beautiful story, so masterfully pieced together, a true work of art if I've ever seen one. The way Zusak lays out the events and the little tensions he so perfectly portrays is revolutionary. The writing is something I've both enjoyed thoroughly and learned a great deal from. While it is a long (and bit of a confusing) read, I recommend anyone read it, especially if your looking to hone your craft.

Okay, now that rambling is done. Onto the actual blog.

A List of Things that Occur After Someone Finds Out You Write for A Living...

*They always assume you  have a pen.
*They think you are the best speller in the world. (Monkeys, my life would be worth virtually nothing without spell check!!!)
*They think you're some kind of flipping scholar (Because obviously if you can barely manage to finish a manuscript, your also a historian chemist and mathematician on the side)
*They think you are already published (Officer, I swear I've never conspired to murder Stephine Meyer, I just was thinking about how unfair it is that she's a bazillion-are for making up a vampire that sparkles while I'm flat broke trying to get an agent to ask for a partial, and, you know, the knife was already in my hand soooooooooooooooooo............................)
*They start getting awkward around you. ("So, you've finished a book........That's......great.")
*They ask you if you'll give them an autographed book for them to sell ten years from now when they know you'll be famous. (Never mind trying to read it. Who does that anymore?)
*You are boring to them now.
*They don't think you have a real job. (But I've already covered that in other blogs.)
~This applies to those who write YA, Paranormal, or anything among those lines~*"Hey Becca, when does the vampire/werewolf come out?" (Bite my tongue to keep from shouting VAMPIRES ARE DEAD TO ME NOW! [No pun intended], but my heart for werewolves will never die, so there is one in my book.) I feel I need to make this clear now. I am not Team Edward or Team Jacob. I am Team If-You-Mention-Those-Overly-Affectionate-Pretty-Boys-In-My-Presence-You-Better-Expect-My-Foot-Up-Your-Dairy-Air!
One more thing, Harry Potter. 'Kay, rant over.
*Every character in your book represents someone in your life somehow. (And if their is a love interest, you must be trying to immortalize someone your crushing on in your book.)
*Your a middle aged woman with three cats and/or two dogs who lives in some boring place. (Like Connecticut or Nebraska)
*You have every book ever created ever.

That's all I got for now. Comment below, add to the list.

A Note To Twilight Fans
I did not mean to offend anyone in this post, I every much respect Stephine Meyer and her books. I just think it's ridiculous how many people have become diehard fans just because the actors in the movie happen to be what most would call "Physically Attractive" (And to be honest, Robert Patterson was way better in Harry Potter).

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Prusuit of Fame


This is the kind of stuff that gets you Monkeys pumped, right? Some bang for your buck? The fruits of your labors? All the years of groveling and "Please read this" along with some "I will put on a wedding dress and cry in the middle of a public place if you don't read that" and you get some recognition. I mean, of course we all write because we're scared of what will happen if we leave all our imaginary friends-I mean *cough cough* "characters"- in our heads to their own devices, but come on. We all want to be J.K. Rowling. (Maybe some monkeys see the appeal in being Stephine Meyer, but I don't.)

Bottom line, we all want fame.

And book fame is nearly perfect. It's the kind of fame where people think your awesome, but don't follow you around like creepers. And in book fame, it's not just half-baked wanna be's, you truly get recognized for your genius. So while we're day dreaming up plot lines and twists, were also half-dreaming of book signings. (Sigh, the dream life). Not just because we want attention, but it's a stepping stone in our careers. A testament to just how awesome we are for making such a fabulous alternate reality.

That, and Monkeys stop thinking we're super weird and anti social.

Plus, we just love that other people love it as much as we do. I know that when my two best friends gush about how good Scrapper is, I just can't get enough of it. (Plus the other twenty people who have read the first atrocious draft.)

Guy's, it okay to want it.

Use it as your drive. Keep thinking about how great it'll be when people just can't get enough of [Insert Book Here]. Imagine what it'll be like when Hollywood approaches you wanting to make it a movie. Picture the bags of Fan mail, all for you. Just, you know, don't tell people. They'll think your weird.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Becca On Distractions

My original thought for this blog was to do a blog a week, but this one needed to be written right away.

You love them. You hated them. Distractions.

I'm writing this as I am downstairs, chilling with my mom, my younger sister (and my "blonde sister"), watching a biography on the making of Harry Potter, while my two sisters song "In the Jungle" over the noise of the TV which very much annoyed me while I was trying to write. So there you have it.

They're are everywhere. 

Being, well, a teenager, I am still expected to have a life outside of writing. This means spending writing time with family and friends while still maintaining focus on the story. And trust me when I say I run into distractions ALL THE TIME.

There are the distractions that you like, easy to fall into.

It's facebook, it's that TV show you've been dying to watch, it's that friend that you just saw at school but you're so bored and frustrated you might just text her to death. You all know you do it. In my situation, it's the Harry Potter special. While I'm in the middle of a slow conversation being three main characters and am not quite sure where I am going I'm not putting my all into it. Instead, I'm trying to get my sisters to SHUT THE HECK UP BECAUSE JK ROWLING IS SPEWING HER GENIUS INTO MY BRAIN! And I convince myself that I do this all for my writing, but really I just need a break. These distractions are like dessert, good in moderation, but get carried away and you'll be fat and stupid.

Let's not forget the kind that are awful.

The fly that doesn't leave you're stinking head alone, the internet connection that your sure is going slow just to get on your nerves, the sister that's shouting EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEE at the top of her lungs. These are the things that make you plot conspiracies and homicides. What's important with these distractions is to remember that there not that big of a deal. Yes, while in the situation it is very easy to think that IT'S JUST THE MOST ANNOYING THING EVER IN THE UNIVERSE, but it's really not that much. And once you see that, it's easy to ignore, until it comes into your mind again. (Good luck with that.)

That's all I got. VENT! Tell me your distractions!

Monday, October 3, 2011

I've been using my head lately...

Granted, it doesn't happen much. But I've been sick for a good week now, stuck in bed and coughing until my lungs hurt. Not much else to do but think. And while I was thinking about the process of writing.
From what I here from other people, it's very eccentric. Mainly it fits into two shaky categories, those who outline and those who wing it. And some common add-on's in those techniques are long walks on the beach or spending hours experiencing what the protagonist experienced in the book (living in their neighborhoods, working at their jobs. I hear for J.K. Rowling it was really hard) or just spending endless hours on the computer. To be honest, I don't believe in there ever being a definite or correct or even common writing process.
It's not that easy. 
If it was, a lot more people would write and I would never have hope for a job. 
Me personally, I'm all over the place. I don't have a schedule and I don't spend hours in front of a computer screen. (Okay! I don't spend hours in front of a computer screen writing.) I will write until I hit a writing block, then go to a different project or create a new one. (In my document folder I have nine folders and  eighty four different projects, yet only about five are finished and only about four go past page fifty.) And believe me when I say that I outline, I outline like there's no tomorrow if I know the entire plot, but the story ALWAYS without fail strays from the outline completely. And yet, I still have not one, but TWO manuscripts finished. So yes, I think my system works.
But that doesn't mean everyone can use it.
Like my friend Alexandra will write in random scenes, like she'll go from the end to the beginning depending on what she's thinking of at the moment. I could never do that, it personally takes away the fun of looking forward to writing my favorite part or the sense of triumph when I get through a writer's block type of chapter. And my other friend Kyla feels that she needs to write to deadlines, it motivates her. For obvious reasons, not many people share her opinion. But hey, it works for them, so who are we to say it's not valid.
I know I'm going on a bit of a tangent, but what I really wanted to ask all you monkeys is, what's your process? How do all you party people give birth/poo out stories?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I read, I write, and yes monkeys, I blog now too.

Hi, as you can see. I'm a bit new to blogging. Maybe a bit behind the game, but what the hey, I'm jumping right in. I thought, as a good introduction, I'd walk you through my day.

Wake up.
Go back to sleep.
Wake up for real.
Get out of bed.
No, seriously, get out of bed.
Go to school. (Not important.)
Go home.
Check email, webook, wattpad, authomony, facebook, youtube, and everything else.
Cry a little bit. (Nobody likes me.)
Check again.
Get over it.
Ask me if I'm over it, CAUSE I AM!
Check one more time.
Curse until throat is sore. (But Remember that I'm a good girl and use substitute words like poo and monkey.)
"Becca! Come down here and do fifty bagillion chores while I feed your siblings grapes from a vine because their more social and less creepy then you!"
Screw being a good girl and curse some more.
Finish doing mountains of dishes/laundry/trash handling/etc. While watching brother and sister doing nothing but stare at the TV.
Go back to happy place.
Finally start to write.
Stupid typos.
"Becca! The house is messy again because none of us can take care of ourselves!"
Leave happy place.
Clean house of hell (Where things go to get lost)
Go back to happy place.
Ten minutes of social interaction.
Check email.
Check website stats.
1 view...
Do homework.

That's a day in my life.