Monday, November 7, 2011

Status Update

Hi guys! Yes, I am procrastinating again. Really, I just wanted to brag about how great my life is right now. Unfortunately, I couldn't fit all of it on my facebook status without needing to create a note. And come on, who reads those? (Plus, people get pretty freaked out when I don't post 30 Rock quotes)

I'm happy to inform you that even with all my procrastinating, I have been able to keep up with my word count. I'm at 10445 right now (that twenty nine pages in six days people.) It's going great, I'm falling in line with a new plot.

Although I am going through relationship problems with my novel soul mate, Scrapper.

I know I've mentioned Scrapper before in my blog, but never really went into great detail with it. For those of you who don't know, the book I was dating was Scrapper: The Connection Reborn. While I had books before that, I don't know, it always felt different with Scrapper. We got really serious, had a sequel together and were thinking about starting a series together. But there was some drama around the time we start dating with this other book, Firefly. Well, this November Firefly rolls into town and we decided to go out for coffee, you know, reconnect. He shows me his really impressive plot line and outline, he was obviously doing well for himself. I couldn't help but fall for him a little. He says that maybe we should try NaNoWriMo together this year. Scrapper had been getting so dramatic lately, and needy. I was so tired. So we sat down, talked, and decided to take a break. Scrapper doesn't know that I'm doing NaNo with Firefly yet, but I'm terrified for when it happens.

Moving on. 

I spent all weekend at Liberty University in Virgina (13 hours in a car with 9 gassy teenagers, yay.)  I fell in love with the campus, but not with the English program. (It disturbed me that it wasn't even on brochure.) So, I tread on.

K, done. Have a nice day.

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