Friday, February 22, 2013

My Younger Brother (The Ongoing Epic of the REVENGE of the Princess Faith Post)

So, if you've been keeping up with this continuing battle between me and fellow alien overlord Princess Faith (you seriously need to get a life because honestly, there are better things to do. In the words of my very cuban friend, YOLO) then you will know that so far we are two for four. Out of my very normal amount of siblings, I have written about Jenny and Alex. And from her kingdom of siblings, Princess has written about Dayle, Gordon, Noah and Anakin. (Just so you know, she is yet again cheating because she went ahead and did two siblings before I could respond. Just keep that in mind when you read her blog, you're reading the blog of a cheater. A cheater with seven hundred thousand siblings.) But, what ho? What manner of being is this, appearing over the horizon just as dawn breaks? It's Becky Starrson from Thoughts of A Vintage Teen! Yes, it seems that she too has jumped into the fray. So be it, so be it.

*A Note to Princess Faith*
You best call an ambulance, because you're about to get burned. #Inferno

*A Note to Vintage Teen*
Remember that you choose this, because you will not be spared. #NoMercy

At last, onto the post.

My Younger Brother-Sean

He's a very prestigious young man.

Those of you who follow my blog regularly, you will recognize this sibling. I mean, seriously, he's only appeared


And here...

Add here...

Also here...
And yes, here too.

This blog will be a long one, because honestly I'm closer to this one than I am to the rest of them.

A Few Things To Note About This Youngin'

First thing to notice, he looks like he's fourteen. He is not. He is eleven. I'm still trying to track down the scientist who gave him that insta-handsome potion, my older bro could use some. I know it seems like I'm just saying this because I'm his sis, but this is the truth. Sean is freaking smart. Not only that, but he's down right evil. Like, seriously, he is old school Imma-take-over-the-world-someday evil. He's in all advanced classes and when he's tired of doing all the extra work he knows how to fail in a believable way so that he doesn't get extra homework. Not only that, but he's a major player. He's already been "married" to three high school girls and is now in a three year "marriage" with a girl going to U of I right now. He's also very quickly inherited the classic trademark sarcasm that my family all share. He's, like, eight different kinds of funny. I don't know how the kid does it. Oh, and other than his "wife", he's in love with our dog Desi.

For real love.

They are true brosephs.

None of these traits are why I'm so close to him.

Sean And Me

I feel a bond with Sean that's different with my other siblings because I can actually remember when he was born. I've known him since the day he was born. I remember Jenny and I watching him sleep in his crib, arguing over who would marry him some day. And because of our age gap, I get to be a big sister with him, not just an annoying housemate. Back when I was in middle school, incidentally one of the hardest parts of my life, Sean would yell my name and run to hug me every day after I got home from school. Whenever we see each other we give each other a hug. (And now that we both "rule the school", him finishing elementary school, me finishing high school, we also give each other high fives.) Not only that, but we have a lot in common as well. He loves the video games I get, we play them together. He's the only other one in my family that loves reading as much as I do. We watch the same TV shows, movies, YouTube videos, the list goes on and on.

In conclusion, Sean, you rock little man. You da bomb. 

Well, that concludes my biological siblings. But, as long as we're turning this into a blood bath, I'm going to go ahead and tag my cuban friend, Eilobell (her brothers crack me up), and new too blogging Jo5y (the 5 is silent) because not only are her younger brothers like INSANE but I'm hoping that if I can convince her to write good about one of them then he will no longer want to pie me in the face. 


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