Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Productive Day

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Sigh...I'll read you one of these days...inbox.



Awkwardly shuffles back to blogger. 

Hey there guys! I so did not forget about you Monkeys! And I know that when you read this blog you'll probably realize it's a bit dated, like maybe it was meant for July or something. But that's nonsense! What do you think I do with my time? Obsessively try to beat Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, geek out about the Avengers coming out on DVD Tuesday or going to target with my geek friends and buy magic deck builders? Please. I'm so totally dedicated to my writing. Like, I'm seriously married to it or something. And I so totally was not doing any of the above, at all. So just drop it, okay? No, I'm serious, to tired for this from all my writing! JUST GET OFF MY BACK! Sigh~This is why I can't have nice things.

1)Wake up at too-darn-early o'clock.

2)Lay in bed until your sure parents are gone.

3)Stay in bed for another hour just to be safe.

4)Sit up in bed and grab laptop off of floor.

5)Boot up laptop.

6)Open up Google Chrome.

7)Open YouTube Facebook Gmail Wattpad Weebly Blog Goodreads Netflix and Camp NaNoWriMo.

8)Watch YouTube videos.

9)Update Status.

10)Open No Matter What You Do, Stick With the Pack.

11)Edit three sentences.

12)Refresh YouTube.

13)Watch eight more videos.

14)Back to Stick With the Pack.

15)Post new chapter on Wattpad.

16)Read new comment by ThisKittyHasClawz.

17)Love her forever, whoever she is.

18)Stare at ridiculously small Human By Day, Monster By Night outline.

19)Decide your never going to write this stupid book.

20)Remember how much Raven and Kyla were looking forward to it.

21)Sigh and continue to stare. Your too good to your friends.

22)Open Vemberia: The Call Of War

23)Fall in love.

24)Continue to write your impressively 23 page long chapter (and your not even half way through it).

25)Think about how absurd it is that it's not a bestseller yet.

26)Cry a little.

27)Talk to friends from school.

28)Resist the urge to throw things because of just how flipping condescending they can be sometimes.

29)Get your cool back.

30)Decide to commit to being a hermit for the rest of your life, like all good writers.

31)Remember Raven Kyla Faith Megan Diana and other such awesome people.

32)You really are too good to your friends.

33)Forget about being a hermit and make five cups of mint tea.

34)Remember you need to make that video for church.

35)Spaz at life for being so stupid sometimes.

36)Write enough blogs to last you through out August's NaNo.

37)Pull Human By Day, Monster By Night outline again.

38)Half-heartedly write two chapter outlines.


40)Refresh all pages on Google Chrome.

41)Finish up internet business.

42)Watch TV with parents that are now home.

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