Tuesday, January 22, 2013

College And Stuff...


Yes, Monkies, I yet live. After numerous dealings with pyschics and shady back-alley necromancers, I've returned. (With all my soul...I hope.) And coming from the grave I present to you, college! (Da-da-da DAAAAAAAAAAAA) 

As I mentioned a bit in my previous post, come fall I will be attending Columbia College Chicago, and thusly I thought I might sprinkle you with a couple of thoughts with ending my high school career and looking ahead to college.

First off, and I really can never say this enough, senior year is the most useless invention man kind has ever created. I mean this, sincerely. See, all throughout high school, heck, all throughout school itself, no matter how much I dreaded it I could never ignore the fact that school was at least somewhat useful. However senior year does not follow the pattern. By now we've learned what needs to be learned, done what needs to be done, and are over all ready to start our lives. And while some might not share my enthusiasm  I am eager to get on with my career, namely writing. Over the past year, basically when I started writing queries, I've felt a little restless with my writing. I can't just sit still and do nothing anymore, I need to be creating a story or reading a book or trying to find agents. And too me, school is a huge waste of time. I'm sitting in class hearing the same old things out of different mouths, all the while thinking about all the work I could be doing were I not wasting my time with these classes. I thought, at the very least, that the writing classes would be marginally helpful. Dead wrong, I'm still finishing those assignments with ease. Even worse, in school I cannot write how I want too, how I know is good. No, I'm stuck to the confines of a rubric. I've looked for a point to it, I truly have, yet it alludes me.

So if any two things can be inferred about the previous paragraph, you could either take away that I really don't like high school right now, or that I could really use a piece of tangerine in a tuba with a cat dangling off of the swing singing the camp fire song. Simplicity dictates that we go with the former (and yet my heart is with the later).

My feelings toward college are a bit more befuddled. I'm caught between wanting it so badly I could eat a cow and being so nervous about it that I could eat a cow. From what I gather from my college going friends it's ten times better then high school, but that's what they said about high school from middle school sooooooooooo.....................
I feel it's a great privilege to be accepted to Columbia, and a great opportunity to further my writing and meet other people with the same goals and dreams as me.

So, yeah, there are my thoughts. Maybe one of these days I'll write something useful. Until then I think I'll just stick to eating cows.

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