Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Prusuit of Fame


This is the kind of stuff that gets you Monkeys pumped, right? Some bang for your buck? The fruits of your labors? All the years of groveling and "Please read this" along with some "I will put on a wedding dress and cry in the middle of a public place if you don't read that" and you get some recognition. I mean, of course we all write because we're scared of what will happen if we leave all our imaginary friends-I mean *cough cough* "characters"- in our heads to their own devices, but come on. We all want to be J.K. Rowling. (Maybe some monkeys see the appeal in being Stephine Meyer, but I don't.)

Bottom line, we all want fame.

And book fame is nearly perfect. It's the kind of fame where people think your awesome, but don't follow you around like creepers. And in book fame, it's not just half-baked wanna be's, you truly get recognized for your genius. So while we're day dreaming up plot lines and twists, were also half-dreaming of book signings. (Sigh, the dream life). Not just because we want attention, but it's a stepping stone in our careers. A testament to just how awesome we are for making such a fabulous alternate reality.

That, and Monkeys stop thinking we're super weird and anti social.

Plus, we just love that other people love it as much as we do. I know that when my two best friends gush about how good Scrapper is, I just can't get enough of it. (Plus the other twenty people who have read the first atrocious draft.)

Guy's, it okay to want it.

Use it as your drive. Keep thinking about how great it'll be when people just can't get enough of [Insert Book Here]. Imagine what it'll be like when Hollywood approaches you wanting to make it a movie. Picture the bags of Fan mail, all for you. Just, you know, don't tell people. They'll think your weird.

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