Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Becca On: Waking Up On The Wrong Side of The Bed (...every day this week -_-)

Guys, ever had those weeks where nothing seems to go right? Where you start to honestly believe that the universe is plotting against you? Yeah, of course you have. Well, I'm here to tell you, me too.

So, to make you feel better, I've made a list of things that have damaged my writer's pride in the last week. or just damaged pride in general. It's to help both me and you.

Damaged Me Pride:

-The girl that it took two years to finish two chapters in her book thinks that she's a better writer then me.
-Can't take rejection without immediately needing a hug.
-Stood up in front of ACT Prep class and messed up on a grammar question.
-Book was called Twilight...again.
-Can't write journalism.
-Did 17 conversion questions when I only needed to do 6 (took me four hours).
-Getting a D in gym for no reason.
-Second Writing Meeting canceled because of one person, had to go to awkward family reunion where everyone knows everyone except me.
-Fighting with cause of cancellation of Writing Meeting.
-Misspelled writing on business cards. (Ordered 250, didn't realize it until it arrived on my doorstep.)
-Got rejected by Super Agent.
-Got rejected by six more agents.
-Internet is a spam-a-sourus.
-"Please tell me all of our problems in the most awkward way possible" seems to be tattooed on my forehead, and people I don't know at all take it very seriously. PERSON A: My ex-boyfriend is in jail. ME:...Well, it's nice to meet you too. Let's jump right into this algebra, shall we?
-Mom has Bazinga-ed me twice and I haven't been able to get her back yet.
-Did too well on my History project, now have to spend a day that could be spent on writing and queries at a history fair at another school.
-Somehow still doing awful in History despite this.
-Mom won't buy dog, despite me showing her the following picture of my little brother.
-Still stuck up in my room writing due to Ganondorf''s evil broken back light.

If you can't tell, I'm kinda in the mental and self-esteem dumps right now. But, as a shining ray of hope this week, despite having barely any time to do so I have been rocking at the whole writing thing lately. I've knocked off the LONGEST chapter I've ever written in my life in the third book of The Order of Vemberia Series Vemberia: The Call of War. (20 pages on Word Doc.) And I'm finding myself able to do short stories for the first time in my life. And on Sunday I helped my director friend Josh make a parody video about killing Justin Bieber, in which I am a screaming fan girl. (I get to punch him!) If all goes well, the video should air this Friday. I'll post it up if it does.


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