Sunday, February 5, 2012

Got Mah Hair Dyed!!!

The girl with the blow dryer, she made me lick a sock.
I know what your wondering.
Becca, your so level headed and mature, why would you do something so impulsive?
Well, Timmy, I did it for the same reason I have my ears double pierced with a cartilage piercing, or why my friends have tattoos. No, not because we're sluts. Because of artistic expression.
Most people, like my dad, don't really get it. What part of altering your perfectly fine god given features could be constituted as art? Well, it sets you out as an individual in my opinion. It says that you dared to change a part of yourself, no matter what other people thought. It says you want to try something new, something different. It's, in a very basic sense, a figure of self expression. Art happens to be that, self expression I mean.
Now aside from the occasional snarky comic, I'm not much of an artist myself. I'm decent at drawing but no where near professional, my paintings rival those of preschoolers, I can't sculpt to save my mom's life. So I try my best in other things, such as video editing and writing. Those are where my true artistic talents lie.

Still, doesn't hurt to try being a ginger. After all, having a soul would only get in the way of surviving publishing.

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