Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dealing With Hate

It's part of every author's career. Heck, it's part of everyone's life in general.


People who love to cut down others. People who think their so important that they need to share their bad opinions with everyone. People who you just want to squish their faces! They're everywhere.

I'm not talking about rejections in publishing or people who give you criticism, constructive or otherwise. I'm talking about people who just flat out say that your work sucks, or that you suck. That your not going anywhere. THE NEH SAYERS! AND I'M NOT SPEAKING HORSE EITHER!

But in this story, your the heroin, they're the petty little bully who always end up with their just desserts. (Muahahahahahahaha!) So don't let it get to you, okay? Just remember, dreams are for those who put the effort in them, not those who waste their time trying to stop you. Get it yet? You rock. I love you. I've never met you, but I love you. I would cry if you gave up. So show me the hater in your life. They are about to get a very strongly-worded letter.

But also, remember to pity them a little. I mean, someone has to be the antagonist, and it's a pretty sucky job. (Unless your the Joker.) I mean, think about it, in the end they end up with nothing. They're forever dramatically falling off of cliffs or getting stabbed in the heart or shot. And sometimes they don't even deserve it. -_- So yeah, go ahead and feel sorry for them. Just don't fall in love. And don't take it personally when they shoot you, it's their job after all.

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