Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Some Weirdo Things

In my opinion, life's not interesting if you're not even a little bit weird. I value weirdness, real weirdness, not just Oh, well, sometimes I plays Call Of Duty so that makes me a nerd te-he weird, I mean I like to listen to classic Disney movie soundtracks while I read Dracula or Edgar Allen Poe weird. So, without further ado, I present to you the weird things I tend to indulge in.

1) While reading something suspenseful...
Okay, so have you ever read or watched something so intense you felt you needed to take a break from it before you move on? Well then, you're kinda like me, only less...physical with the reaction. See, when I'm reading something intense, I don't just take a break from it. I yell-no wait-squeal at the top of my lungs, throw the book up at the wall, then go and pace somewhere else for a half an hour. No joke.

2) I read some pretty weird stuff.
The fact that I read 2-5 books in a typical week can probably be considered weird in it of itself, but even at that, I read some pretty strange things sometimes. One prime example would be a manga that I used to read obsessively in middle school when I was but a novice in my love for manga and anime, Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo. Old fans of Toonami (On Cartoon Network Saturday nights with other anime like One Piece MAR and Naruto, now merged into Adult Swim) will know this one (the anime, in any case). Anyone who does will tell you it makes no sense whatsoever. I mean, even looking at the cover you could tell probably how much sense this made. Small sample of what I like to read and watch.

3) I talk funny.
Sometime you should listen in on a conversation with me, I'm told it's really a riot. Being the learned citizen I am, I have a tendency to use overly-fancy language and mix it with typical modern-day jargon. (Perhaps you've already gathered this from reading this blog.) Some recurring examples are...

Whilst driving and being cut off-OI! CALM THY SELF BROSEPH!
Small talking with Eilobell about out church's Music Pastor's Wife-She's so cute. I'm really happy she procreated.
After washing the dishes-I've made the executive decision to forfeit my college fund to get an exterminator.
Takes off shoe, wafts foot odor towards family-Onward, my minions, destroy them and claim this land in the name of your dark master. MUAHAHAHA!

That, and sometimes I make old lady noises.

4) My guilty pleasure are middle-grade-ish paranormal love stories. 
Now I know that I do a lot of moaning and complaining to my friends that the whole paranormal love story thing is overdone, but honestly, my heart melts when it's done just the way I like it. I say middle-grade-ish because I'm not sure how else I can describe the kind of love story I like. See, I fell in love with these kind of love stories in middle school, when I started reading manga (see #2) and the very first one I read was a series called Kamichiama Karin. Following that I started watching and reading Inuyasha and D.N.Angel. And, of course, how can I leave out the ever-infamous Tokyo Mew-Mew? See, while all these stories range in plot place and even suggestive age rating (Kamichiama Karin-10+, Inuyasha-18+) they all share two things in common. They are all fantasy/paranormal, and they all have the same sort of love story. That is, the story starts out awkward and innocent, then grows to genuine affection and dedication and not just sexsexsexlet'stoucheachotherinournonossex or oh my gosh you hate the world I do too yay lets start kissing each other because we hate everything (otherwise known as teenage angst). So much of what I read now-a-days is centered around the physical aspect of love, so whatever happened to just genuinely liking someone because you like them?! It shows a true bond of not only love but friendship as well, like when you look at a couple and you think to yourself those two were so made for each other, like you can't picture them any other way. I eat stuff like that up! 
*For all those who are not manga fans, this is a thing in novels as well. I suggest you check out Walk Two Moons, and the Bible.

5) I "hate" France. 
I put quotes around hate because I don't really hate France. Honestly, I have nothing against it. But people who know me joke around about my "hatred" for France. Why? Well, my "hating" the French started back when I was maybe eleven or twelve. I was vacationing with my family in Wisconsin Dells, we were driving around looking breakfast. Someone suggested we go to iHop. I did not want to go to iHop. Naturally, I protested. When asked why, I couldn't just say because shut up and outside of that I didn't have a substantial argument, so I needed to think on my feet. I remembered earlier that week watching a commercial with some kinda french pancake so from that thought I blurted out Because iHop is run by the French!
Dad: what?
Me: I hate France.
Yes, six years later and that's still a thing.

6) God usually speaks to me through food. 
I really just don't have the means to explain this one. Let's leave it at that.

Alrighty, that's all I've got for you for now. I'm sure I'll think of more things later, maybe. What about you? What are some really weird things you do? 

You know what? While I'm at this, might as well make it a tag. I'm tagging Princess Faith, Eilobell, Jo5y and Vintage Teen all up in here! And they also have to tag at least two people when they're done.

Stats Of The Week
Song: Strangers Like Me by Phil Collins
Book: Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech
Word: Preternatural
Quote: "Do what you love and convince people to pay you for it."
~Steve Story

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  1. Number 6....hahahahha!!!! And your quote for this week is perfect. I heard that in the sermon and I DIED!!! I thought that was just the funniest thing.