Monday, January 30, 2012

I Remembered Why I Like Writing So Much! (And I Re-named My Computer Ganondorf)

Okay, so the second part of that title was not something you needed to know. But I just had to say it, because Pedro turned evil. He knew I wanted to replace him so he made everything I do so much harder. And thus, I name him after the most evil man of all time. Ganondorf.

But I digress. Onto the good stuff. 

My online activity has been sparse as of late, and I sincerely apologize for it. I'd like to say it was for good reason, but it was not. I was off-line because I was being a baby. I got my first few rejections and started to whine and pout and think that my writing wasn't all that good. I saw serious flaws in my plot line and used that as an excuse to give up. I might as well be a monkey.

But despair not! For this is no pity party!

Because I remembered why I did this whole publishing thing to begin with to begin with, why I ever took a pen to a page and started to scribble! Because I have no friends! Haha, just kidding. I have Pedro. No, it's because I just can't stop day dreaming, and I can't stop telling people about my day dreams! And since my voice is just to beautiful for this world to take, I couldn't express my feelings in song. I had to start writing. Guys, I was literally born to write, no joke. And what, I'm going to give up three years of blood sweat and tears for a rejection or two? No.

This part's for all of you in a rut out there. 

Get off your butt (or on, if your a writer like me), start cranking pandora, AND DON'T LET AN-Y-THING GET IN THE WAY OF YOUR DREAMS! Please, I beg you, just don't give up. The world needs more of you, so stop being so selfish and spread the love! We're waiting for you, and we've waited long enough. Don't believe me? Well, let me tell you a few things I'm sick of. I'm sick of the generic girl falls in love with sexy boy who has super powers story, (for pete sakes, let the girl be able to fly, and let the boy have some freckles or buck teeth). I'm sick of pop songs so auto-tuned that they're closer to techno. (Can't we all just agree on dubstep?) I'm sick of tie-dye shirts and sweat pants. (What ever happened to just dressing nicely when you go out?) So please, I'm on my knees begging you, along with many others all over the world, save us you dreamers daring to be different!


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