Monday, July 2, 2012


*First off, I would like to apologize for not making a last blog for NaNoWriMo in Review, I was planning to do a finale but I ended being to busy trying to wrap up the actual book and the people who agreed to help me with it fell through. But oh well, there's always August!

So, all finished with NaNoWriMo and onto life as I used to know it for a month until I do it all again. What this means is back to editing Scrapper, writing Vemberia, emptying my inbox, making videos for church, listening to podcasts and other such writing hokum. It seems grim, yes, and I feel the magic of finishing a novel in a month already fading. Yet I must remember that it is not yet over, and take away the lessons I learned from it this time around.

For one thing, I learned how to improve this blog, Monkeys. 
Vlogging was one of the funnest things I've done in terms of writing. I had, I think, an amature understanding of video-editing before it. I do have Sony Vegas Movie Studio, and as early mentioned, I edit and make videos for my church. It's really just telling a story in a more visual way, it still involved me to use whatever part of my noggin that dreams up all my crazy ideas. And the best part, my family will actually watch them!

I also grew into a very good habit, although it does have the chance to backfire on me. 
It's that one habit all writers know they have to pick up and yet forever put off, getting into the habit of writing everyday. Before NaNo, I would always write one sentence and done. But now, now I'm in the habit of writing 2000 freaking words a day. That's like ten pages people! And here's the thing, that's a minimum. I would usually go all the way to 4000 a day. Backfire, though, because I also created a bad habit to go with it. See, often in order to reach the days word count quota, I would right just class-A crap. So I hope that unhealthy obsession doesn't carry over to Scrapper or anything.

I came out with a tremendous feeling of accomplishment. 
For those of you who have finished a manuscript, you remember how it felt? Did you open your window and shout something along the lines of I'M BECCA FREAKING LATHORN AND I JUST WROTE A BOOK to the lady walking her newborn child down the street? Yeah, well, imagine the feeling that you get when you do that in a month. I demanded my mom buy me a pony afterwards because I deserved it. I wrote a book, in a month. What did any of my siblings do? They suffered through the morning news. Who wins? Me.

A couple of cute factoids from the last month. 
-I am now obsessed with the band He is We.
-I have been ignoring my inbox. I now have over 200 emails waiting for me to sort through. All of them are from blogs I subscribe too.
-I now know how to sleep in.
-I have not feed my dog in two days.
-I have not feed myself in two days.
-I do not remember what the sun looks like.

~*An Announcement*~

As I have said on my website I am going to polish up No Matter What You Do, Stick with the Pack and offer it as a free ebook on Smashwords. I can't tell you when it will be available, I'm thinking it might take a year with editing and beta readings and whatnot, but I'll keep you updated. For more details, go to my website and go to the NaNoWriMo page, it's the only way to reach the No Matter What You Do, Stick with the Pack page. 

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  1. sweet! keep me updated on that ebook! I'll get it and I'm sure I can find some other people who would too! Come on, who doesn't like a free ebook? May the Force be with you!