Tuesday, July 17, 2012

So The Funniest Thing Happened the Other Day...

Okay, I've distanced myself from NaNo and gotten back into the normal writing habits I have developed over the years and SOMEHOW STILL FIND MYSELF INSANELY BUSY! MAYBE EVEN BUSIER THEN BEFORE!!!!

Wanna know what I have to deal with on a daily basis?


Not going to lie, kinda tired right now.

So this week I ended up taking an unexpected vacation. It started on Sunday, in which I was supposed to spend the day filming a video for my church with a bunch of adults. They all [FRUSTRATINGLY] dropped out last minute so I found myself at a loss as to how to spend the day seeing as most of my friends were either up at camp or had work. I ended up at my friend Kyla's house swimming, with plans to later go to another friend's apartment to have a Baccano marathon. That night I ended up staying at Raven's house for a sleepover. Flash forward to the next day, my Mom's birthday, and before I could even wake up I'm in the car on a two hour drive up to Wisconsin to visit the other half of my family at camp. All day I was assaulted with WHY OH WHY DIDN'T YOU STAY FOR CAMP BECCA???!!!! And while I am flattered that so many people wanted me there with them, I had to cough cough ~*politely*~ decline. (See above for reasons) Without even meaning to we stayed overnight in the house they keep for the cooks, crawling into bed somewhere around one in the morning, after little brother Sean had successfully beaten some of the campers to a pulp with a sock of flour (given to him by my Dad). Though on the rigidity stiff bunks sleep alluded me, and seeing as we had to wake up at six to get home in time for my Mom's appointments. Being so exhausted from the day before I spent another day goofing off, watching stand up comedy on Netflix, playing Homestuck and overall sleeping the day away. Before I knew it, I was actually relaxed. Quiet frankly I didn't know what to do with myself. Then suddenly I remember that I should have been working and without even knowing it I had taken a vacation.

Huh, how about that.

So, I guess the meaning of the story is that sometimes life just gives you what you need in the strangest ways. I mean, I had fully intended to work the week away, burning more of my energy. And if no one had dropped out of the video, I would have. But by taking that away life forced me to just take a breather. So, um, thanks God. I like your style.


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