Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It's Summer, Therefore, Please Leave Me Alone

Woke up this morning promising that I'd do some work. Picked up PSP. Eight hours later I realized I had not changed out of my pjs...

I still haven't finished Vemberia: The Call of War.

I still haven't finished the outline for Human by Day, Monster by Night.

Turns out my dad's birthday is next week.

Dog peed on my favorite reading chair.

Commercials for back to school sales are not only way too early but also very depressing. I'm a senior next year. Childhood, where did you go?

Still need to plan the next writing meeting. For. The. Fourth. Time.

Marianas Trench is the sexiest thing I've ever listened too.

Forgot to put Chinese leftovers in the fridge. There's one dream destroyed.

I hate hate hate hate hate my inbox. Why you spam me inbox? Why?

Ordered two cinabons. Only got one.

Hung out with school friends maybe three times this summer. Could be the last summer we spend together.

Two weeks with the house all too myself. What to do, what to do...

Little brother's at camp, in a cabin with a lifeguard that's openly admitted he can't swim. Afraid camp might explode. guys. Life.

Thank you, good night.

~* Quick Update on No Matter What You Do, Stick With the Pack*~

The full Beta for No Matter What You Do, Stick with the Pack is now available on Wattpad. Please please please if you like my posts and are interested in seeing a completed work of mine, click on the link and just read a few chapters, give me your honest feedback. I want to know what you want from me. And who knows? Maybe if you read you'll get a little something something. We'll see.

Thank you for all your support!


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