Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Writing Meetings and Broken Computers


Thankfully, the only thing broken was the is the back light. All my data is safe, including all my Scrapper files and other odd workings. The ever faithful servant Pedro has not yet failed me. I was able to safely back them all up on a hard drive and a dropbox. But still, sucks having a broken computer. -_- My parents tell me that Pedro is a piece of junk and that I should splurg and get a new laptop while the after-christmas deals are still ripe. And honestly, sorry Pedro, but I'm thinking about it.

So anyway, winter break has been exhausting, perhaps more so then school itself. See, while I have no academic responsibilities, I have to step it up with writing. I think you all know what I mean. It's that time...

Time for queries. 

Now I understand the pure grating anxiety behind them. I haven't even sent one out yet and I'm practically peeing my pants. (Almost makes me happy that Pedro is broken.) Meanwhile, as I sit by my fifth consecutive cup of tea that smells more like lemon pledge then anything edible, I think of how I and my fellow tribes folk have finally met in person. Yes, that's right monkeys, we've finally had our first writing. meeting. It had a sort of magic feeling in the air as we talked for hours about Stephanie Meyer, Justin Bieber, the upcoming apocalypse and the many different wonderfully ways it might go down. (Twilight Fan Girls, Zombies, Robots, Toasters, me behind the wheel of a car, and let's not count out the dinosaurs that have been hiding underground for thousands of years waiting for their chance to rise again and take the planet that was rightfully theirs to begin with.) I can't wait for the next time we meet up! It'll be great! Perhaps we could talk about how to take over the world once everyone is gone. (Muahahahaha).

All the Best! Becca

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  1. hahaha!!!! yes, it was a fun meeting. I can't wait for the next one!